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Aluminum Framing

Bosch Rexroth Aluminum Framing

Quick Assembly, Added Flexibility

With dozens of bolt-together connectors available for virtually any load  or application, almost any structure can be quickly assembled without  special tools or skills. In addition, Bosch Rexroth’s aluminum structural framing looks clean and is aesthetically pleasing needing no painting or other finishing. 

Handling Systems, Inc. provides a broad selection of accessories,  allowing applications to be extended beyond simple frames and bases to  complete, multi-functional structures. And, every framing component is  infinitely reusable – making it simple and inexpensive to change your  structures as your needs change. 

Local Availability, Global Support 

Handling Systems, Inc. stocks over 25 sizes of Bosch/Rexroth  structural aluminum framing at our Nashville location, along with the  necessary fasteners to fabricate assemblies per your requirements. We can help with  the design of your product needs, using EMSsoft CAD based software. We  will help you with the engineering of your specific applications. In  addition, you can choose to receive your framing products in bulk, kit  form, or fully assembled. 

Assembly Technology

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Bosch Rexroth Manual Production Systems (MPS)

Ergonomic workplace systems make work easier and keep workers healthier.  Bosch Manual Production Systems (MPS) make Lean Manufacturing easy.  Lean manufacturing is not just a buzzword: 

  • Workstations are the often overlooked key to improving employee productivity, safety, and morale.
  • Ergonomics are more important than ever.
  • Bosch MPS Workstations are better by design
  • Bosch manual production systems benefit from 20 years of continuous research and development in workstation ergonomics.
  • Bosch Custom Workstation solutions use standardized, modular components, and are designed to integrate seamlessly into automated assembly lines.

Our Workstation design is based on our easy to configure Aluminum  Framing system. MPS allows you to configure your Lean Manufacturing  System to your specific application. Then, as your needs might change,  the MPS concept allows reconfiguration to your new application. 

Manual Production Systems (MPS)

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