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Plastic Belt Conveyors

Plastic Belt Conveyors are designed with interlocking plastic links that provide a high level of flexibility. These types of conveyors can bend sharp corners, spiral up and down, incline and decline. All of this can also be accomplished with fewer drives decreasing maintenance and operating costs.  High speed, accumulation, drainage, airflow, high-heat, UV, harsh chemicals, washing, Voltage testing and more can be taken in consideration for these conveyors.


Plastic belt conveyors are conveyor systems featuring belts made from various types of plastic materials. Unlike traditional conveyor belts, which are often made of rubber or metal, plastic belt conveyors utilize interlocking plastic modules or links for increased flexibility and customization.
Plastic belt conveyors find applications in a wide range of industries, including food processing, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, packaging, and more. Their versatility and hygienic design make them suitable for environments with diverse material handling needs.
The modular design of plastic belt conveyors allows for easy customization in terms of length, width, and configuration. This feature makes them adaptable to various production and material handling requirements.

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