Lift Tables


Manufacturer of scissor lifts, turn tables, fright lifts, dock lifts, vertical ram lifts, tilt tables and American Lifts.  Standard and custom lifts.


Manufacturer of hydraulic lift, pneumatic lift, floor height lift, pallet lift, portable lift, compact lift, turntable lift, tilt lift, high rise lift, tandem lift, and heavy duty lift tables.

Advance Lifts

Manufacturer of dock , mezzanine access, scissor, tilt, upenders,  and work access lifts.   Container dumpers and industrial turn tables.

Presto Ecoa

Manufacturer of hydraulic lift tables, extended vertical travel, heavy-duty, load docking scissor and custom designed lifts.  Upenders and tilt tables.


Manufacturer of electric/hydraulic scissor, low profile, compact, pneumatic, mobile scissor, and batter powered mobile scissor lifts.


Manufacturer of electric/hydraulic scissor, double scissor, air bag scissor, ground lift scissor, low profile electric lift, portable scissor, rotary air/hydraulic lift, heavy duty air bag scissor, lift and tilt tables.