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Autoquip Mechanical 4 Post VRC

High Capacity Load Transfer Between Multiple Levels

Mechanical 4 Post Freightlifts are designed to stop at multiple positions with more precise control of their stop-start movements. They are mechanically operated by means of a brake motor and gear reducer with a common drive shaft. Raising and lowering of the carriage platform is accomplished with heavy-duty roller chain. Our standard models range from 120 to 240 inches with load capacities from 6,000 to 20,000 pounds.  Through our custom engineering capabilities, we have designed Mechanical 4 Post freight lifts to access heights up to 100 feet. Give us a call to talk about your custom needs.

Travel: 120 in – 240 in

Capacity: 6000 lbs – 20,000 lbs

Height: 6.25 in(lowered) –  246.25 in (raised)

Platform Width: 72 in – 144 in

Platform Length: 72 in – 180 in

Raising Time: 24 secs – 48 secs

Lowering Time: 24 secs – 48 secs

Power Unit: 20HP 

Power Unit Location: Top Mount

Customize Your Lifts

Specifically sized, configured, mobile, high-cycle or automated – when you need a lift to perform a specific function, we have the materials, components, and design techniques to produce a one of a kind lifting solution for your application.


Durability and Quality

  • High capacity steel rollers with spiral-wound, Teflon-impregnated bushings produce smooth and reliable carriage movement.
  • Heavy-duty SEW Eurodrive gear motor drive extends the life of the freight lift for years and years of rugged, reliable service.
  • Synchronized, dual-chain lifting system ensures the carriage will remain level throughout the lift’s vertical travel, even with off-centered loads.
  • Minimum ¼ inch thick steel reinforced platform minimizes deck deflection, maximizes load stability, and extends life of the platform deck.
  • Structural steel guide beams ensure consistent, reliable tracking of carriage rollers and extends the life of the beams.

Maintenance and Warranty

  • Heavy-duty SEW Eurodrive gear motor requires minimal service and maintenance.
  • Maintenance-free carriage rollers require no lubrication.
  • Eurodrive gear motor’s manual brake release overrides handle to help in lift start-up and trouble-shooting.
  • Straddle design places much lower stress on the guide rollers, extending useful life.
  • Autoquip offers a 1-year warranty on all parts and a 5-year warranty on lift structure as a promise that you’ve purchased the industry’s most reliable VRC.


  • Four-point lifting handles much larger and heavier loads.
  • Mechanical design enables up to 100 feet of total vertical travel.
  • Mechanical vertical conveyors are programmable and can be called or sent to multiple levels in a building or conveyor system.
  • Open carriage sides empower customers with versatility in load transfer direction and product flow.


  • Load jam sensors suspend engine operation if the carriage or its load becomes jammed between landings.
  • Motor control panel security requires personnel to activate a secure key switch before resuming lift operation following a load jam.
  • Over-travel sensing switch suspends engine operation should the lift continue past the uppermost landing.
  • Sensors on all lifting chains stop lift operation and movement if a slack chain is detected.
  • Counterweight sensors serve as a back-up safety precaution to slack chain sensors by suspending engine operation when a counterweight is lifted out of the guide tube.
  • Certified carriage brakes stop carriage falls in the very unlikely event of a sudden breakage of both lifting cables.
  • Standard-issue shaft way barrier bar system improves personnel safety when carriage leaves the upper landing.
  • Interlocked landing gates automatically lock once the vertical lift carriage leaves a landing and cannot be opened until the lift carriage returns to that landing.
  • Gate status switches prevent lift operation while any gate is open.
  • Minimum 3:1 structural factor of safety makes these lifts the most structurally sound in the industry.
  • Compliance with recognized standards:
    • ASME B20.1 – Safety Requirements for Conveyors and Related Equipment
    • VRC Application Guidelines – as referenced by ASME B20.1
    • NFPA 70 – National Electric Code
    • ASTM-A36 – Structural Steel Standard
    • ANSI Z535 – Safety Labeling Requirements
    • AWS D.1 – Welding Standards
    • Applicable portions of OSHA 29CFR1910 – General Workplace Safety