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Cleveland Tramrail Monorail

Coverage Area Type: Linear
Capacity: 2 – 40 Tons
Height: N/A
Span: N/A’
Coverage Area : Unlimited Length
Motorization: Yes



  • Straight rails
  • Curved rails
  • Paint

Accessories (Add-Ons):

  • Safpowrbar Conductor Bar
  • Electrification
  • Switches
  • Interlocks
  • Drives

Cleveland Tramrail offers a wide variety of monorail products to support your manufacturing needs. Cleveland Tramrail offers components including straight and curved track, interlocks to bridge cranes and switches for changing direction to various work centers. Applications include necropsy laboratories, foundries along with paint and coating lines.
Cleveland Tramrail products continue to reflect the quality that made Cleveland Tramrail the patented track leader, with the value added customer service and support that made Gorbel “A Class Above.” Here are some key features of our Monorail System:

  • Maximum Strength with Minimum Weight consisting of a high carbon bottom rail with raised tread and A36 steel web and top flange for a balanced design for loads under varying conditions.
  • Wide Selection of Track Profiles available to fit any application.
  • Curve, switching and interlock capability to support your product through various processes without having to set the load on the ground.
  • Ease of Installation, Tarca rail design offers consistent bottom flange and beam straightness along with minimal superstructure requirement for lower installation costs.Whether your process is in a straight line or involves moving your product throughout your facility without having to set it down on the ground, Cleveland Tramrail has a solution.