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NorthAmCon Modular MDR Sorter


Dimensions 19′ 1″ L x 11′ 2″ W x 10′ 6″ H

Speed Up to 200′ per minute (FPM)

Capacity 50 pounds maximum, 4″ x 6″ minimum, 24″ x 30″ maximum,
flat bottom products

Power Standard 110/120V single power drop per module

Noise Level 75dB at 5′ distance around the machine

Sortation Modular plastic ball belt

Motor Motorized drive rollers (MDR)

Frame Formed steel channel, bolt together, powder coated
Rollers Galvanized
Photo Eyes Retro reflective photo eye sensors
Barcode Scanner Image scanner system


• Designed for simple set up that is also modular and
expandable to meet changing operational needs
• Equipped with lights and alarms that are highly visible
displaying system status and alarm conditions for worker safety and
product handling
• Easily integrates with existing equipment and warehouse
management system to simplify start up
• Automates the sortation process with hands-free sorting
and teachable SKU’s
• Simple and easy to use graphical user interface for routine operation
and equipment maintenance and management
• Handles up to 50 cases per minute




The Modular MDR Sorter is a portable sort system designed to handle packages of varying sizes, footprints, profiles and surface
characteristics. Products induct into the center infeed lane in a singulated fashion and then travel through a scanning zone
where each product is assigned a sortation route based on barcode data on the package. The packages are then sorted left,
right, or center on a ball belt transfer conveyor. The Modular MDR Sorter can be “taught” to determine sorting direction based
on standard bar codes or can be configured to integrate with a warehouse management system. For enhanced mobility and ease
of setup the Modular MDR Sorter has been designed with casters and can be moved into place as a single unit or as modular


Devices & Accessories

Conveyor Lift Gate

Manual, gas shock, spring, or pneumatic actuated.

Lift gate

Crowders & Other Product Positioning

Pneumatic actuated for product positioning.

Divert Arm

30 and 45 degree.

Divert arm

Divert Table

Pneumatic and 24V power actuated Divert Table at 30 and 45 degrees.

MDR Divert Table

Pop-Up Stops

Ideal for accumulating round products.

Conveyor Pinstop


Urethane, timing belt, or chain.

Transfer belt