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Omni Belt Driven Live Roller – Straight

Belt – Trackmate 120, 6″ wide, 12″ wide for 32″ between frame and wider

Rollers – 1.9″ dia. x 16 ga. galvanized steel tubes, 7/16″ spring retained hex axle, non-precision
bearings with 3″ and 6″ roller centers

CURVE ROLLERS – 1.9″ dia. taper (2 1/2″ to 1 11/16″ dia.) x 14 ga. zinc plated tube, 7/16″ spring
retained hex axle, non-precision bearings with 3″ nominal roller centers
Frame – 6 1/2″ high x 1 1/2″ flange x 12 ga. galvanized steel formed channel frames with bolt-on
end couplers

CONSTRUCTION – Bolt-together frames, spreaders, end couplers and splice plates

SQUARING BRACES – Squaring braces are provided on conveyors over 30′ in length to aid in belt
tracking. Threaded rod, turn buckle and brackets are included.

BETWEEN FRAME WIDTH – 13″ to 39″ in 1″ increments

OVERALL LENGTH – 5′ to 102′ in any increment

CURVE DEGREES – 30°, 45°, 60° and 90°

DRIVE – Straight – Underhung end drive or underhung center drive. Curve and Spur – Underhung
end drive.

SPEED – 30 to 120 FPM

MOTOR – 1/2 HP through 2 HP, 1750 RPM, C-face, 208-230-460V/3PH/60Hz, TEFC

REDURCER – Sealed, worm gear, C-face

DRIVE SPROCKETS – #50, #60 or #80 series sprockets with keyed hub and set screws

MOUNTED BEARINGS – Precision, sealed, pre-lubricated, self-aligning, flange mount ball bearing units with cast iron housing

DRIVE CHAIN – #50, #60 or #80 series roller chain

DRIVE PULLEY – 4″ dia. with 1 3/16″ dia. shaft or 8″ dia. with 1 7/16″ dia. shaft, crowned, fully lagged

TAIL PULLEY – 4″ dia. with 1 3/16″ dia. shaft, crowned

SNUB ROLLERS – 2 1/2″ dia. X 10 ga. galvanized steel tubes, 11/16″ spring retained hex axle, non-precision grease packed bearings

TAKE-UP – Screw type take-up assembly

SUPPORTS – Adjustable H-style, bolted 15″ to 89″ from floor to top of roller. One support at every bed joint and at ends of conveyor.
Supports are shipped loose.

FINISHES – Galvanized steel standard. Powder coat available.


Roller Conveyor with Versatility

Belt Driven Live Roller (BDLR) Conveyors can handle products of various
shapes, sizes and weights. Bolt-together BDLR is ideal for boxes, cases,
drums and totes. Welded BDLR is more suitable when conveying heavy
loads like appliances and loaded pallets. Accumulating, diverting,
merging and transportation are all normal applications for Belt Driven
Live Roller Conveyor.

Side Guides – Available in fixed or adjustable with
multiple contact surfaces. Allows product to be guided
and kept in place within the conveying surface. Side
guides are bolted to the conveyor frame.
Fixed Angle Side Guides – Standard 2″ high or 6″ high,
12 ga. formed angle
Fixed Channel Side Guides – Standard 2 1/2″ high or
3 1/2″ high, 12 ga. formed channel
Adjustable Channel Side Guides – Standard 1 5/8″
high x 1″ high, 12 ga. formed channel, width and height
Adjustable Angle Side Guides – Angle guides typically
formed angle, width adjustable
UHMW Lined Fixed Angle Side Guides – Replaceable
UHMW face provides wear protection for angle guides
Adjustable Rail UHMW Side Guides – Replaceable
UHMW face provides wear protection on rails, width
and height adjustable
Skatewheel Side Guides – Vertically mounted
Bead Rail Side Guides – Vertically mounted, tightly
spaced small wheels supported by axles and a metal
Roller Side Guides – Vertically mounted rollers