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Roach 796 Line Shaft Zero Pressure Accumulator Conveyor

TREAD ROLLERS: 1.9″ dia. x 16 ga. steel, model 196S grooved.
DRIVE BELT: 3/16″ dia., polyurethane belts. Nominal 15 lbs. per roller drive.
DRIVE SHAFT: 1″ dia. C1018 cold rolled steel shaft.
COUPLINGS: Couplings located both ends (type “A”), one end only (type “B” or “C”) or none (type “D”).
CENTER DRIVE: Located approximately 16-1/2″ from end of bed section on 4″ RC; 18″ on 3″ and 6″ RC.
BEARINGS: All pulley bearings are precision, heavy duty, lubricated, ball bearing units with cast iron housings.
ACCUMULATION: 2′-0″ zone length, pneumatically actuated, zone singulation operation.
SPEED: 60 FPM, constant.
BED: 7″ x 1-1/2″ x 12 ga. formed steel channel frame. Bed sections attached with splice plates and floor supports.
FRL: Unit is provided with filter, regulator, lubricator with 1/4″ ports.
PNEUMATIC ACTUATION: Maximum air line pressure should not exceed 30 PSI.
MOTOR DRIVE: 1/3 HP, 230/460/3, 60 cycle, ODP right angle gear motor.
ROLLER CHAIN: Drive shaft is driven by No. 50 chain. Chain take-up provided on motor base.


SIDE MOUNTED DRIVE: Provides overall conveyor height of 10”.

ACCUMULATION ZONES: 18” and 30” long zones available, depending on roller


ACCUMULATION CONTROLS: For actuation of zones using photo electric sensors, see

pages 70-71 for model SZ796LSA SMART ZONE®.

GALVANIZED ROLLERS: Tread rollers available in galvanized steel, model 196G.

FLOOR SUPPORTS: Other height supports, knee braces, casters, polytier supports and

ceiling hangers available. See pg. 125-129.

CONVEYOR SPEED: Constant speed 15-120 FPM; DC variable speed; AC inverter variable

speed. MINIMUM operating speed for line shaft conveyor is 30 FPM.

MOTORS: Available through 2 HP in TEFC,explosion proof, dirty duty,

115/230/1, 575/3, etc.

GUARD RAILS: 1-3/4” x 1” formed channel (model GC), adjusts horizontally to 8” wider

than roller and vertically to 6” above roller; formed steel fixed (model FSG in 2”, 4” and

6” heights; fixed channel (model FC); 1-1/2” angle (model GA1-1/2). See Conveyor


ELECTRICAL CONTROLS: One direction magnetic or manual starter; momentary start/

stop push button station. Mounting and pre-wiring for units up to 12’ long.