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Part Number:

3842-529-367  20xL=6070mm

3842-993-191  Ea  L=6070mm

Modular dimension [mm] 40
Cross-section 40x40L
Profile slot 10
Dimensions 40×40
Open slots 3
Profile type 3N
Length [Lmax] [mm] 6070
Delivery unit 20
Moment of resistance in the x-direction [Wx] [cm³] 4.8
Area moment of inertia in x-direction [lx] [cm⁴] 9.7
Profile surface [A] [cm²] 5.8
Product description 40x40L 3N -/-
Mass [m] [kg] 1.6
Torsional moment of inertia [It] [cm⁴] 2.6
Area moment of inertia in y-direction [ly] [cm⁴] 9
Moment of torsion resistance [Wt] [cm³] 1.7
Recommended accessories Cover cap 40×40, signal gray,Cover cap 40×40, black,Cover cap with hole 40×40, signal gray,Cover cap with hole 40×40, black
Moment of resistance in the y-direction [Wy] [cm³] 4.5
Weight [kg] 205

Strut profile 40x40L 3N

All Profiles can be cut to length, drilled, tapped and machined to your needs. Handling Systems also offers design and assembly.
Modular guarding, workstations, tables. Almost anything that can be dreamed up can be designed and brought to life.