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Gorbel Free Standing Bridge Cranes

Coverage Area Type: Square or Rectangular
Capacity: 150 lbs – 4000 lbs
Height: Up to 14’
Span: Up to 34’
Coverage Area Width: 34’
Coverage Area Length: Unlimited
Motorization: Yes


  • Aluminum or stainless steel supports and runways
  • Steel, aluminum or coped aluminum bridge
  • Cantilevered supports
  • Seismic Zone IV

Accessories (Add-Ons): 


A free standing bridge crane is intended to be bolted to the floor and to support loads that will be moved vertically and horizontally. One worker can manipulate the load along a series of tracks, including curves and monorails, inside a closed system. This design works well in an area with limited headroom and/or a ceiling that is not strong enough to support a mounted bridge crane.

  • Enclosed track. You can erect the work station bridge crane anywhere on the facility floor. It provides for easy movement of the heavy load along the moving surface.
  • Ease of movement. This kind of assembly allows for the easier movement of bridge and trolleys, and there is no debris buildup along the track. Consistent, easy movement ensures the longevity of trolley wheels. Which means less maintenance, less possible repairs, and less downtime.
  • Superior load positioning. When the bridge moves along the enclosed track, there is no unexpected shifting, such as swaying, shimmying, or crabwalking. The load is transported efficiently from point to point because every part of the frame is assembled to ensure superior load distribution.
  • Flexible precision. With a sturdy design, workers can count on the precise location of the load as they perform their tasks. As your product requirements change, the work station can be moved to accommodate your workers’ needs on the assembly line.