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Gorbel Wall Cantilever Jib Crane

Coverage Area Type: Circular
Capacity: Up to 10000 lbs
Height: N/A’
Span: Circular to 20’
Coverage Area : 200°
Motorization: Yes


  • Base plate mounted
  • Foundationless
  • Sleeve mounted
  • Insert sleeve mounted

Accessories (Add-Ons):

  • Top and bottom entry air swivel
  • Manual rotation stops
  • Motorized kits
  • End stop kits
  • Fusible Disconnect switches
  • Single or multi-position lock devices
  • Special finishes available based on application requirements
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The Wall Cantilever Jib Crane provide hoist coverage and 200° rotation for individual use in bays, along walls or columns of plants, or as a supplement to an overhead crane or monorail system. This jib has the advantage of providing maximum lift for the hoist, since it can be installed very close to the underside of the lowest ceiling obstruction. Here are some key features of our Wall Cantilever Jib Crane:

  • The fittings contain bronze bushings and oil-impregnated bronze thrust washers which provide for easy rotation and superior load positioning
  • Fabricated steel fittings provide excellent torsional rigidity
  • When the bracket center dimension is 6’ 0” or less, the mast/boom connection is welded. This provides the most economical means of installation
  • When the bracket center is greater than 6’ 0”, a bolted mast/boom connection is used, which enables the larger cranes to be shipped disassembled for ease of handling during shipping and installation
  • Grease fittings are provided for easy field lubrication

Prior to selecting a Wall Cantilever Jib Crane for your application, two key requirements must be met. The jib crane needs a structurally adequate wall or column to support it. There must be sufficient clearance above the boom throughout its arc.